Dimensions (L x W xH ):
660mm x  380mm x 360mm
46 kg
Pressure range:
120 bar (1740 psig) up to 420 (6100 psig) / 500 bar (7250 psig)
Ambient temperature:
+5 °C up to +45 °C, indoors only
Air flow:
100 l/min (3,5 scfm) up to 600 l/min (21 scfm)
Power consumption:
0,8 kW
Power supply:
230 V/ 50 Hz*
115 V/60 Hz*

* Other voltages require superposed transformer (special accessory) for smooth operation.



The cooled compressed air is discharged to the compressor's final oil and moisture separator to be dispelled by the automatic drain.

As a result the adsorbent packed filter cartridge is exposed to approximately one sixth of the moisture it would be exposed to without AIR-KOOL.

Filter cartridge life is increased six hundred percent by AIR-KOOL.

Compatible with VERTICUS and MINI VERTICUS

Our super silent units are designed for an AIR-KOOL module.
The AIR-KOOL unit is piped into the compressor system between the ‘after cooler’ and the ‘oil and water separator’.

In a closed cooling circuit, the compressed air is cooled from +2° C to +8° C resulting in a decrease in pressure drewpoint.