WCP Pump

Oxygen Fill System - PPS-1500

W50 Model CO2/NO2 Pump

CV Pump

The Model W50 CO2/NO2 Pump was designed for heavy duty, low maintenance operation. All components are easily accessible without the need for special tools. A splash lubricated drive and all stainless steel or brass pumping components insures optimum life.
The PPS-1500 Oxygen Filling System was designed as an entry level system. Small volume oxygen gas distributors may improve their profitability and cylinder asset control by incorporating this small liquid-to-gas filling system in lieu of “cascading” or having their cylinders filled by outside sources.
The Model CV Pump was designed specifically for pumping cryogenic liquids for conversion to gas for filling high pressure storage cyclinders and various testing, purging and process requirements.
• Exchange Program for rebuilt components. Overnight delivery available.
• Other manufacturer’s pump parts and service available
The Model WCP Pump was designed and built for long duration cylinder filling or other heavy duty process requirements. The vertical orientation of the drive and cold ends provides minimum wear and full submersion of the cold end in the super-insulated, vacuum jacketed sump.

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