The P-Filter System is optimised for extended filter lifetime and high capacities. The drying agent contained in the filter cartridge absorbs water vapour

Air Cartridge Systems for the removal of moisture and oil vapour
Free air capacity
Pressure range
Version mounted on a BAUER compressor
Wall-mounted  version
90 - 350
90 - 350
90 - 350*
90 - 350*
90 - 350*
90 - 350*
90 - 350
90 - 350
* also available as a 420/550 bar unit

Filter Cartridges function as the filter in P-Filter System, which was designed for high pressure breathing air purification.

Without purification, air from a piston compressor conforms in no way with the air quality standards required by divers; it is saturated with moisture, contains oil vapours and may taste and smell of impurities.

Besides that, impurities may cause serious damage to your health and equipment may ensue. Equipment damages include cylinder corrosion, equipment malfunctions through impurities and iced up, free flowing regulators. Costly repairs and maintenance are some of the consequences. Apart from those, hazardous microorganisms may also inhabit the cylinder.

Therefore, an air processing system is of prime importance.



Self-filling is not only dangerous but uneconomical.

To achieve a germfree and unsaturated condition, a filter cartridge can only be filled under industrial production conditions. The balance of carbon and molecular sieve of BAUER original cartridges is adjusted perfectly.

Mechanical filling guarantees exact dosing and piling to create the perfect cross-flow of the cartridge for optimum air purification.

P-Filter System (Filter Cartridge)